Child Rescue Mission CRM-SL

About Us

The Child Rescue Mission CRM-SL is a non governmental organisation legally registered with the government of Sierra Leone in West Africa.

OBJECTIVE A. Protection, B. Social care C. educational support.

VISION We envision a Sierra Leone WHERE all children are valued and respected;

WHERE all children are given equal rights and opportunities; regardless of their status;

WHERE all children's voices are heard and listened to their advancement at all levels;

MISSION CRM's mission is to rescue young marginalised persons from extreme poverty living in slums, market places and other polluted areas in Sierra Leone. We believe that the causes of extreme poverty are man made and could be reversed if confronted with collective efforts.

CORE VALUES Our core values stand for everything we do and are reflected in all our actions. They are as follow; A. Child first, B. Teamwork, C. Accountability, D. Equality, E. Excellence.

PROTECTION A. Advocate and lobby for legislative policies to foster the development of young marginalised persons,

B. document and report all abuses and violations committed against the above category, However, we will use the 8 goals of the millinium development goals in our fight against extreme poverty. This will be done through the Rescue village where our target beneficiaries will stay for a period of time and acquire the various skills for sustainable development. After receiving such training, we will then resettle our graduates into their original communities with start up kits.