Artesania Sorata


La Paz


About Us

Fairtrade Bolivian Alpaca procucers. We produce high quality alpaca knitwear and weaving; providing workfor families with low incomes in both rural and urban Bolivia. All of our products are made entirely by hand. . Our cooperative has been working for thirty years to gradually improve quality. We now offer only the highest quality alpaca and handspun sheep’s wool garments and accessories. The income Artesania Sorata generates enables the artisans to provide a higher standard of living for their families; indeed many of their children have now graduated from university, something unimaginable before the cooperative was founded. The profits from Artesania Sorata support a school for deaf children, an orphanage and adult literacy and health programmes.

We believe in the right for all to live a healthy life with a positive outlook for the future.