Dakshayani and Amaravati Health and education

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About Us

Dakshayani & Amaravati Health and Education is a non-governmental organization registered under the Companies Act (1956) of India. The President of the organisation, Venket Rao served the country as a dedicated and loyal soldier in the uniformed services for three decades. As a young soldier posted in Rajasthan, he lost his father to a heart attack at a very early age. Lack of medical services and early access to emergency care brought this tragic loss and having seen and experienced many members of the family losing lives to preventable causes, he dreamt of creating a system that could respond to people in need and save lives. Several dialogues, interactions and personal discussions followed and he learnt that the key to prevention and early diagnosis lay in not only responsive systems but also patient knowledge and the right to choose and demand for services. He therefore set up this organisation to bring people and families together and learn about simple ways of prevention, share information through personal experiences and offer a platform for knowledge exchange from survivors and sufferers as well as caregivers.

The Vision and Mission of the organisation is as follows:


A world where people live a healthy and disease free life through knowledge based choices in an atmosphere of equality, equity and access.


Empower patients and caregivers with the right knowledge, tools and forums to seek and access healthcare options that suit their needs and through their voices bring about a positive change in the healthcare environment.


DakshamA Health & Education’s values are deep rooted and emanate from a sense of universal equality and right to healthcare no matter what the economic status, creed or religion: SIDDHANT in Sanskrit means principle, we at DakshamA also have 8 principles that we rigorously believe in and follow:

S – Service with a smile

I – Innovation is key

D – Dignity to all we serve and in everything we do

D – Dynamic and adaptive to changing environments

H – Honour and integrity in all our work

A – All are equal and healthcare should not differentiate between the rich and the poor. Basic healthcare and emergency healthcare is a right.

N – non judgemental, appreciative, value every suggestion and idea

T- talking, teaching, telling. Do everything to share each other’s experiences and build strength from participation.