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About Us

Sierra Visions, Inc. is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Sierra Leonean young professionals. The mission of Sierra Visions, Inc, is to foster social reform and economic development in Sierra Leone, and ultimtely West Africa. Our vision is that Sierra Leone (West Africa)could be developed using our Five-T model which focuses on five core industries within the country: Technology, Tourism, Trade, Training, and Transportation, in order to achieve economic sustainability and social reform. Five-T Model: Our Five-T model initiatives below are essential for Sierra Leone to become a competitor in the West African, African and global market. Technology Tourism Trade Training Transportation

Training Strategy: Build lasting relationships and strong links amongst trainees in Sierra Leone and trainers in Diaspora. Connect local and global expertise in education, health care, technology, business administration, agriculture and mining. Set directions with program participants in helping to transform information into knowledge, knowledge to wisdom, scarcity to abundance. Train local talent to connect the strength of tradition and culture with the power of new, exciting practices, ones they sustain and retain for years to come.