YUVA Humanitarian Center

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About Us

YUVA Humanitarian Center is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation based in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Since 1997, our aim has been to contribute to the self-realization of women, children and youth in building a civil society in Azerbaijan. YUVA works as a project-based organisation, with the focus on educational activities in the field of human rights, gender equality, civil society development, conflict resolution, peace-building and intercultural learning.

Our vision is a safe society that is responsible and supportive of young women and girls, a society that fosters equality, dignity, respect, self-determination, social justice and peace.

The Azerbaijan Feminist Group of YUVA was established with the mission to introduce the feminist concepts and debates to women in Azerbaijan and to empower and inspire young women and girls to create a positive change in their lives and communities. We recognize the unequal position of women and men in society and want to change that situation.