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About Us

Earth Island Institute’s Sacred Land Film Project produces a variety of media and educational materials to deepen public understanding of sacred places and environmental justice. Our mission is to use journalism, organizing and activism to rekindle reverence for land, increase respect for cultural diversity, stimulate dialogue about connections between nature and culture, and protect sacred lands and diverse spiritual practices.

In August 2001, our feature documentary, "In the Light of Reverence", premiered on the PBS series P.O.V. (“Point of View”). More than 3 million viewers tuned in to see the stories of three communities and places they care for: the Lakota at Devils Tower in Wyoming, the Hopi in the Four Corners area of the Southwest, and the Wintu at Mt. Shasta in California. The film documents obstacles to religious freedom for land-based practitioners, including development, outdoor recreation, and New Age practices. Few Americans are aware of the profound impact these issues have on how our environmental public policy is implemented, how our First Amendment rights are protected, or how our communities and cultures relate to one another. Hopefully, we address the complex questions that arise when cultural worldviews collide.