EDCO Collaborative/EDCO Youth Alternative

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About Us

EDCO Youth Alternative (EYA) is a full-time alternative high school program serving Boston youth. We have a small, dynamic and committed staff team, working together to educate and support 60-70 students striving toward the goal of earning a high school diploma. EYA fosters the environment which empowers young people to work through difficulties, learn academic and life skills, and become advocates for a promising future.

EYA is a voluntary program, serving students who have fallen off-track in traditional settings. The work of re-engaging them in school and the classroom is equally challenging and rewarding. At EYA, relationship building is paramount, both with youth and among colleagues. Staff voices are heard, and input is both valued and necessary for the types of collaboration that sustain our work. We build community here, which forms the foundation for continuous improvement and for reaching our goals.