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About Us


A community focused arts-education organization that provides a spectrum of services, engage and empower multiple generations, while providing positive environmental visions.


Communities that celebrate and nurture the environmentally substantial artistic talents that lead to educational and entrepreneurial success.


  • BAI was founded in 2003, when local teaching artist Carl 'Musa' Hixson developed a program envisioning the use of art to help young people overcome the challenges that make growing up as productive, successful members of the community appear to be an unachievable goal.
  • Sparked from his experiences as a teacher in New York City public schools and Juvenile Justice Facilities, Hixson's vision propelled BAI into becoming an institution with a charge to utilize art to empower youth with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Starting as an art education organization that fosters economic development through art by bridging the gapbetween young artist and seasoned businesses and art professionals, BAI now extends services to multiplegenerations and professional within the community.
  • BAI has been successful at implementing several programs in Brooklyn for youth, as well as our Arts withSeniors Programs within local centers.
  • In 2005, BAI artists were contracted by the United States Defense Department to produce illustrations designed for environmentally conscious community spaces, gathered from community input to help Urban Planners and the Army Corp of Engineers Design develop greener, healthier, more sustainable environments. Although the organization provides services locally, BAI's demographics have spread with contracts from the Vision to Action Program in several cities nationwide.


  • To make the arts more widely available in communities
  • To develop and maintain partnerships that advances the mission of BAI
  • To encourage and support artistic creativity and preserve cultural heritage of Brooklyn communities c To advance learning through the arts