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About Us

The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH) supports research, education, and programs in the humanities to assist individuals and communities to understand the past and its influence, to question and resolve issues in the present, and to shape a future committed to the common good.The VFH is a catalyst for the cultural, civic, artistic, and educational vitality of the Commonwealth. Our purpose is to understand the past and confront issues in the present, in order to help shape a more promising future. We seek to discover and share untold stories, encourage lifelong learning, and promote civil discourse through:

  • Commonwealth Outreach
    Public events, seminars, exhibitions, educational resources, and long-term initiatives statewide.
  • Scholarship Serving the Public
    Opportunities for scholars to reach broad audiences in Virginia, the nation, and world.
  • Digital and Media Initiatives
    Culturally relevant content produced for public radio and Internet distribution.