Christians Alliance

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About Us

Who Are We?

Headquartered in Connecticut (USA), Christians Alliance is a non-profit Christian faith based organization.

Christians Alliance is a “Christian Community Organizer” which unifies local Christian organizations and churches into an effective and unified force, within their communities, for spreading the gospel of salvation through Christ, Jesus.

Current Projects

Christians Alliance is currently working on Project Witness, a Christian-centered media broadcast made available through public access television to the public.

What Is Project Witness?

Designed to inspire the viewer, “Project Witness” is a 30 minute production viewed on local public access television stations, each episode offering a unique perspective of a life transformed by Christ’s Love. Throughout the broadcast, a 1-800 phone number associated with a 24/7 call center is displayed and any interested callers are directed to a local Christian leader who can assist with their physical and spiritual needs.

Project Witness centers around a 2 step process:

1. Video content is delivered, completely non-profit, through public access broadcasting to local communities hurting and in need of help.

2. Christians Alliance connects these local community members to local Christian organizations to provide the help they need.