Heights Hill Mental Health Service, SBPC, Community Advisory Board

  • New York


25 Flatbush Avenue
New York
United States

About Us

Heights Hill Mental Health Service, SBPC, Community Advisory Board (CAB) is the not for profit partner of the Heights Hill Mental Health Service located in downtown Brooklyn. Since 2001 we have operated mental health support programs targeting patients of HHMHS’s LGBTQ Affirmative Treatment program as well as low/no income LGBTQ  persons who are living with serious mental illness citywide.  CAB offices and program space are located on Flatbush Ave at Nevins St. in Downtown Brooklyn Please visit our website - www.rainbowheights.org - for more information about our services and programs.

Our clients (members) are LGBTQ adult individuals who are living with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, developmental disability, and substance/alcohol use concerns.  Through our peer based Rainbow Heights Club consumer drop in center (now expanding to include Home and Community Based Services), our EQuality Care mental health provider trainings, and our Peer Specialist Internship’s, CAB programming helps to identify and address the barriers to care experienced by low/no income LGBTQ persons living with serious mental illness.