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About Us

Every child deserves access to a quality visual arts education that builds critical 21st century skills.

About Us

Art in Action is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Menlo Park, CA that provides a comprehensive and engaging visual arts education program for K-8 students. We make it easy for teachers, parents, and educators to help their students develop the skills they need for future success -- critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity -- through the joy of art.

CEOs around the world agree the most required skill for future success is creativity. And in an increasingly dynamic society, it is clear that building a child’s visual literacy and critical thinking skills plays an important role for 21st century jobs. At Art in Action, we've been kindling students’ thinking and creativity for over 30 years. Today we reach over 75,000 students and train 6,000 teachers and volunteers in 500 schools and after-school programs nationwide each year.

How We Work

Art in Action offers nine program levels K-8 that each have twelve sequential, age-appropriate lessons covering a range of topics and artists from Vincent Van Gogh to Flo Oy Wong. Our programs are designed to be taught by classroom teachers, parent volunteers, or any education or after-school provider. Each program level is accessed through an online teaching platform that includes teaching guides, materials lists, and instructional videos. Every lesson includes an open-ended discussion designed to help students carefully observe, analyze, and discuss a work of art. The students then express themselves visually by applying what they learn to create their own artwork.

In addition to our curriculum, Art in Action provides in-person and online training, pre-packaged materials boxes for each program level, and ongoing support. All lessons can be integrated with Common Core standards and subjects, and we’re constantly evolving our program to best meet the needs of our students and educators.