God Crazy Ministries

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About Us

God Crazy (TM) Ministries is crazy enough to believe we can impact the world through engaging encounter conferences, intimate deliverance retreats, and biblically based resources and media!!! We desire to offer hope and real answers for healing the heart bruises and breaking the chains of emotional and spiritual bondage! Through God Crazy worship, intense prayer, and biblical truth, we aspire to see minds renewed, hearts transformed, and people set free.

God Crazy (TM) is a non profit, interdenominational, multi-cultural, multi generational group of friends coming together in support of personal and corporate transformation. For the past ten years, I have ministered to men and women all over the country who are crying out for freedom and knowledge in the areas of spiritual, physical, and emotional health. As I have met people at conferences nationwide, I have found a profound hunger for more intimate worship, passionate prayer, and deeper connections. Crazy things won't draw you closer to God, but doing God Crazy things will. Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Kindness, Love, Self-Control, Gentleness, Patience, Humility, Joy, and Peace must begin to rule our hearts again! When we get God Crazy we will have God Crazy Marriages, God Crazy Children, God Crazy Hope and Faith, and God Crazy Unconditional Love.