SBP South Louisiana

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686 Kornmeyer Plaza Drive
Baton Rouge
United States

About Us

SBP SOLA is a natural disaster relief non-profit, whose mission is to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. Since our start in St. Bernard Parish just after Katrina we've grown into a national organization and have rebuilt over 1,200 homes in 7 states. We do this by mobilizing volunteers to rebuild the homes of people impacted by natural disaster in a prompt and predictable manner. Because of our efficient under-one-roof policy, our volunteers, and clients have one point of contact throughout the rebuilding process.

Our clients are typically disaster victims who have an overwhelming need including elderly people, people with disabilities and people with young children who for a multitude of reasons are unable to afford rebuilding on their own.

The driving force behind our mission is that people have a breaking point, and SBP exists to remove the physical, mental and emotional barriers for vulnerable individuals and families struggling to recover from natural disasters. In addition, SBP has a long lasting impact on communities by training homeowners and business owners on how to fortify themselves before and after a disaster, while also advocating to policy makers on how to deal with a natural disaster when it impacts a community.