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Horn of Africa Training and Research Organization is a non profit organization dedicated to serve its community in training and community development areas. It evolved from observation of community suffering, youth fleeing life of hunger, malnutrition, poverty, disease and unemployment. Single mothers, whose husbands either died, or are drug addicts, the disabled and the elderly who have no support from anyone. The greatest impact is on children living with disease, malnutrition, illiteracy and hopelessness.


Minimize youth illegal migration to Europe by creating employment opportunity and increasing employability by training and support mothers better care for their families by providing employment skills.


To conduct comprehensive research in several social studies area such as: sustainable peace, poverty reduction and creating employment opportunities, introduction of productive families, and skills development for youth.


Somaliland a country emerging from a brutal civil war, maintained its relative stability since 1991. Due to the civil war the infrastructure of the country was destroyed. The most pressing problems right now are poverty, diseases, illiteracy and unemployment. These problems led to more serious problems such as illegal migration of youth to Europe seeking employment opportunities, men losing sources of income and coming back to no resources and turning to drugs and family breakdown. Youth migration drains valuable human resources from the country and because fleeing youth are without any training, they would not contribute much to host countries. In fact, they may create more social problems to these countries.

This organization has identified several areas of training:

  1. Journalism
    and political Science: Journalists’ detention is one of the most common areas
    of human rights violations in Somaliland.
    Almost all of the journalists in SL have no formal journalism training. They have heard of freedom of speech and
    would write and say whatever they want without verification whether information
    is correct or not. Journalism ethics and
    professionalism are not there. On the
    other hand government officials do not recognize freedom of speech and would
    want journalists to cater for their causes and not the public interest. According to a survey which has been
    conducted recently, there is a great need for such studies to maintain
    stability and focus on community development politically and economically. Effective Journalism requires balance between
    freedom of speech, observing others rights and responsible reporting.

  2. Skills
    Development: According to another survey recently conducted among youth who
    wanted to migrate to Europe, youth expressed that desperation and frustration
    caused by unemployment and hopelessness are pushing them to flee the
    country. Should employment opportunities
    become available locally, the vast majority were willing to stay in their

  3. Family
    Economic Development: almost 50 % of Somaliland households are supported by
    women. A great majority of the men are
    dependent on drugs. Drugs lead to mental
    disability in most cases. Men in SL
    suffered oppression during Siyad Barre regime and after the separation from
    Somalia employment opportunities were scarce and many turned to drugs to num
    their feelings. Women who traditionally are stay at home moms, are supporting
    their children and almost all of them are not skilled and are not job ready but
    they must feed their children. The
    outcome is low income and wide spread poverty.

  4. Computer
    training: electronics are coming to Somaliland and training on computer
    applications, networking, hardware and maintenance will create employment
    opportunities for youth along with other areas of training.

  5. Research:
    Social research is crucial in identifying social problems, their solutions and
    also peace, what jeopardizes it maintaining peace and stability.

Current status:

This organization is founded and funded by members of the community. The organization has an office and it is furnished with basic office furniture. Computer classes are furnished with basic classroom furniture such as desks, chairs and some computers. The organization has skilled trainers who are currently working on voluntary basis.

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Organization Profile

Horn of Africa Training and Research Organization is a non profit organization dedicated to serve its community in training and community development areas. It evolved from observation of community suffering…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Women


  • Central Market of Hargeisa, Hargeisa, WO, Somalia
    Indha-deero Buildin Floor no 3 Room No 3

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