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About Us

This is a community of people based out of the Charlottesville/Central Virginia area in action to assist other non-profits, organizations and charities based in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area. Cville in the House was borne of the Katrina Hurricane aftermath. Our non-profit group is donation driven and volunteer generated. Since our incarnation in 2007, we have raised funds locally and seen success in three projects: -Spring of 2007 we sent a group of local volunteers down to the New Orleans area for a week to work with Habitat For Humanity -Organized two instrument donation drives for Tipitinas of New Orleans for their “Instruments A’comin Project -Fall of 2007-held a benefit concert in Cville to raise funds for a hurricane victim who desperately needed a new prosthetic leg Currently we are working to facilitate a 4 person media crew for deployment to the Gulf Coast region in October. Our goal is twofold: to volunteer with the American Rainbow Rapid Response based out of Asheville, North Carolina who are presently in the Gulf Coast area and also to create a documentary type project of the fellow grass roots non profits that were created after Hurricane Katrina.