Active Citizen Project / Project EATS

  • NY

About Us

Active Citizen Project (ACP) develops programs that strengthen the ability of people to collectively share, produce, and use resources in their neighborhoods to create social, economic, and environmental conditions that support their health and well-being and the viability of their communities.

ACP’s primary program is Project EATS (PE), an urban agriculture and art initiative that networks the productive use of unproductive land in New York City by transforming it into neighborhood farms that grow nutritious, chemical-free vegetables and fruit in neighborhoods that have limited access to high quality and affordable fresh food. 

In addition to farms and farm stands, PE provides agricultural education and farm skills training in public high schools; community skills training and programs for individuals and families; and part-time seasonal employment for youth and adults.  Through PE, ACP is creating an active network of viable, sustainable neighborhood farms and food enterprises in different parts of the city that support health, well-being, and the ability to thrive in communities where most people live on low- and working class incomes.