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About Us

As parents, we want the best for our kids. And as global citizens, we are all faced with the responsibility to care for our planet, and each other. What began as an endeavor to feed our family natural, organic foods has grown into a much larger enterprise. We began to learn about potential dangers to our children, and the planet, in our cleaning supplies, household goods, office supplies…everywhere. The worsening state of our environment, climate change, and increasing levels of toxins showing up in children’s bloodwork combined to create a great passion for exposing our family to only the cleanest, most wholesome products. We were lucky to be able to provide only the best for our family, but we believe that every family should have access to the finest.

When we inquired as to why individuals were choosing traditional products rather than opting for eco-friendly versions, we were typically given one of two answers:

1. Green products are too expensive. 2. There are too many choices, and some are not effective.

By utilizing economies of scale, wholesale purchasing power, and personal product experience, we endeavor to make it easier for anyone to purchase Earth-friendly products. We are keeping overhead low and this is a non-profit effort. Products are sold as close to cost as we can, while still keeping the lights on. Why? Because we think it’s the right thing to do.