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About Us

Kind to Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides education programs, event opportunities and services to children in foster care, poverty and at-risk youth. We provide LifeSkills, an educational program for at risk youth  to give them the skills they need to become productive, successful adults. Give Joy, an enrichment program that provides wonderful event opportunities to children in foster care and in poverty, has brought joy to over 9,000 children at well over $100,000 in ticket costs. We also provide supplies to children in foster care.


Mission: To enrich the lives of children in need by maximizing our community's resources.

Founders: The Jones Family founded the organization in 2008 after they attended an area sporting event and saw many empty seats. Realizing that each empty seat was a lost opportunity, they wanted to find a way to give unused tickets to children in poverty. Since that time, Kind to Kids has grown to become a 501c3 nonprofit charity organization that works with all of Delaware's agencies that serve foster children, and over 40 nonprofit agencies that serve children in poverty.

Company Overview: Kind to Kids works with all government agencies that serve Delaware's foster children and over 40 nonprofit agencies that serve children and families in poverty.

Visit us a to learn more about our services to help needy children.

Kind to Kids brightens the lives of needy children by giving them opportunities they would not otherwise have. Foster children have been removed from their homes because they were abused or neglected by their own families. Kind to Kids brings joy to children who have expereinced much pain and hardship in their lives.

Kind to Kids provides wonderful opportunities for children in need. Through Kind to Kids, children can hear the crack of the bat at their very first prosessional ball game, watch an exciting performance at a theatre for the very first time, or listen to a beautiful melody at a symphony event. We open their eyes and broaden their minds to the beauty of the world.

Kind to Kids provides healthy, family friendly experiences for children in need. Often, the children can only imagine what it would be like to go these events. We make these dreams come true. Come join us and make a difference!

Thanks to foundations, corporations and individual donors we are able to make a difference in the lives of children in need. Kind to Kids has been featured in TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.


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