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About Us

Over its 47 year history PEP's success has made us known as a leader in supporting people with intellectual disability. PEP's mission is to provide education, recreation, vocational training, home and community habilitation services and job placement services to people with disabilities and to strengthen their relationships in the community.

PEP was founded in 1969 by a group of mothers, along with community residents to offer a summer camp for their children with intellectual disability. Since its modest beginnings, PEP has expanded to provide a variety of year-round vocational and social services to vulnerable adults, including Community Integrated Employment, In-house Production, Adult Literacy and Basic Education, Community Arts for Socialization, Adult Day Training including senior services, as well as Camp PEP.

Current Programs

Employment Services. Our Community Integrated Employment Services matches employers in the community with reliable, well-trained workers from PEP, while our production work center provides paid work for .

Adult Day Training. Our planned activities and supportive staff provide people with daily social, recreational and volunteer opportunities to enhance their cognitive development and social interaction. This program also includes services to seniors with disabilities.Much of the program is provided in community inclusive settings assisting individuals to explore, utilize and enjoy their immediate communities.  

Adult Literacy and Education Programs. Consumers are provided instruction in practical academic skills, workplace literacy and life skills geared toward finding and maintaining jobs. For non-disabled adults, PEP provides intensive literacy instruction and GED .

Arts for Socialization Classes. Once a week, students (consumers and community members) create art projects that seek to improve hand/eye coordination, reinforce motor skills, and allow for cooperative work.

Camp PEP. Our founding program is a traditional summer day camp tailored to specific education and recreation needs of children and young adults with intellectual disabilities.