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About Us

How does ArtPop help? We are quite literally a street gallery: We promote the work of local artists on available media space — billboards, buses, news racks, airports — and turn roads, highways and thoroughfares into opportunities for artistic appreciation and discovery. 

ArtPop is a 501c3 organization that gives communities across the country greater access to art, by supporting the artists that create it.

We do that by promoting their work on available media space — on billboards, on the sides of buses, across news racks, in airport terminals — which we secure through the generous donations of media companies across the country. ArtPop operates in 14 cities, and since 2013, we have displayed the work of more than 200 artists in our street galleries from Charlotte to Las Vegas. 

Why does our work matter? Because art matters. It’s good for your brain, your children, your community and our economy. Studies show the simple act of experiencing art significantly lowers stress levels. Art is considered one of the building blocks of early childhood development. Residents report feeling stronger attachment to their cities and towns when there’s a strong commitment to arts. And the economic benefit is profound: Arts and culture contribute more than $700 billion to the national economy and employ nearly 5 million people. 

Why does it matter now? Because art is under threat. Budget cuts are forcing schools to eliminate art classes from the curriculum, and federal funding for arts programs is constantly on the chopping block. Artists increasingly lack the opportunity to do what they love and still afford to live, which means communities everywhere are losing access to art. 

Why do we need your help? Because defending our collective access to the arts takes time and money. The generosity of our sponsors ensures we have ample space to display the work of talented local artists, but it takes an extraordinary amount of energy and resources to ensure that space is populated with compelling work, that we grow the number of artists we promote, that we increase the amount of public outdoor space dedicated to art and that we expand beyond the communities we now serve.