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About Us

Founded by a group of workforce professionals, Madison Strategies is expert at providing our clients with the tools they need in order to thrive. The individuals we work with need a professional path that is right for them so that they find careers, and not simply jobs. We know that by training and preparing our clients to navigate their individual career journeys we are not only improving their lives but also their communities. Our employers benefit from productive employees who contribute to the success of their businesses and strengthen their workplaces.

Madison Strategies currently operates in New York City and Tulsa, with its headquarters in New York City. In Tulsa, Madison Strategies developed a model training and advancement program based on a successful transportation sector center operated in NYC. The Tulsa program is part of national demonstration program and funded by a prestigious White House Social Innovation Fund grant. Madison Strategies will continue to seek opportunities to replicate effective programs in communities with interest and unmet need.

Madison Strategies Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.