Tean Thor Association

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75 Watkor Village

About Us

Mission statement: TTA endeavors to help the poor and the vulnerable members of Cambodia society to work together for common development and peace. TTA has provided such assistance as food, animal, capital and knowledge for helping them to lift themselves out of poverty

TTA’s focus for the future is on income-generating activities for its HIV patients and other vulnerable groups. Future activities include microfinance, a cow bank, duck pond, and vegetable gardens.

TTA runs its "Acts of Compassion Center" in Chrey Village near Battambang. Components include an English school for HIV-affected and other poor children; a transit center for HIV patients travelling from remote areas to receive ARV treatment; a sewing center for at-risk teenage girls; a music school and computer center for at-risk teenages; and a sewing stall in the local market for the business training of at-risk girls.