Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia

  • VA


8900 Little River Tpke
United States

About Us

The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia is a social service organization dedicated to enriching the life of the individual Jew and of the Jewish community.

The JCC is a membership organization devoted to activities with Jewish content. Its programs are permeated with the spiritual, cultural, and ethical values comprising the Jewish way of life on the American scene.

While the Center is designed primarily to fulfill the needs of the Jewish community and to preserve and enhance the heritage and values of Judaism, its culture, traditions, ethics and philosophy, participation in activities of the Center is open to all residents of the metropolitan area.

The Center endeavors to unify all elements of the Jewish community and to provide for the needs of the individual through leisure-time educational physical, cultural, recreational, civic and other related activities.

Fundamental to the method and content of the Center is the individual's capacity for growth in its search for meaningful Jewish living.

The Center furthers good citizenship and encourages its members to participate in the life of the total community.

The above stated purposes and objectives of the Center are approved by the Board of Directors and officers of the Center and implemented by a trained, professional staff.