Sheridan Community Land Trust

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About Us

The Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) is a local land trust serving the greater Sheridan County area in northern Wyoming. SCLT was founded in 2006 to protect and preserve the best of Sheridan County for the benefit of current and future generations. The team consists of an 11-member Board of Directors, three paid staff, and hundreds volunteers that support our work in conservation, historic preservation, and non-motorized recreation. During its first decade SCLT protected nearly 3,000 acres of land through conservation easements, preserved multiple historic structures and sites using preservation easements and interpretation, constructed nearly 10 miles of professionally-designed, multi-use, recreational trails and partnered with a number of entities to craft policies in support of local and regional conservation initiatives.


Sheridan Community Land Trust’s Board of Directors is entering a formal search process to seamlessly transition executive leadership of the organization with the goal of a well-coordinated exchange of institutional knowledge and smooth hand-off of current projects.


The Mission

SCLT is not your typical land trust for a variety of reasons – all good! 


SCLT was created as a joint effort of Sheridan County and the City of Sheridan elected officials and works hard (and successfully) to steward their continued support and engagement. SCLT’s mission was essentially created by our larger community and while more verbose than we’d like, accurately portrays the richness of our work, “ to promote agricultural landscapes, open space, wildlife habitats, historic structures and sites, and to provide opportunities for recreation, these interests being complementary and essential to the quality of life and economic stability in Sheridan County”. 


Put more candidly, our diverse portfolio of completed and active projects share a commonality – deepening a connection between people and the places they love.



The Place

The local landscape is as diverse as the duties of our Executive Director and ranges from the 13,000-foot snow-capped peaks of the Bighorn Mountains to the grasslands and sagebrush coulees of Powder River country.


Sheridan County is comprised of 32,000 people with a number of communities and towns including Dayton, Story, Ranchester, Clearmont, Big Horn, and Sheridan. It’s unique setting, rich history and vibrant culture have drawn an eclectic mix of passionate and dedicated community members for more than a century. As a result, the amenities of the community are unsurpassed for a community of its size. Sheridan’s school districts are a point of community pride ranking the best in the state and routinely achieving top 100 rankings nationally. The social capital of the Sheridan’s community is world class and contributes an additional layer of richness and sophistication to the community. Finally, the abundant and year-round recreation in our backyard is every bit as amazing, though less publicized than many others in the Rocky Mountain west – we embrace the fact we are not Fort Collins, Boulder, Bozeman, or Jackson and we bet you will too.