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About Us

The National Public Education Support Fund (NPESF, the Support Fund) connects influential leaders in education philanthropy, advocacy, research, policy, and practice. The mission of NPESF is to promote equitable opportunity for all children to receive a high-quality education from birth through college and career. NPESF launched the Partnership for the Future of Learning (the Partnership) as a network of leading education and social justice-focused organizations and foundations that have come together around the belief that America’s national well-being depends on a future for public education where meaningful learning serves both the individual and the collective public good.  NPESF is the organizational and fiduciary home to the Partnership for the Future of Learning.   

The Partnership understands that advancing a bold affirmative vision and values is essential to protect public education and advance the future of learning. To meet the challenges of the present and the future,  U.S. K-12 school systems need significant boosts in remodeling work already underway to pursue deeper learning outcomes through student-centered learning approaches, with a focus on equity, democracy, and mutual accountability characterized by respect and shared responsibility among educators, parents, students, community leaders and public officials at all levels.

The Partnership has three simple, audacious goals:

  1. Public education is modernized.  
  2. Learning is meaningful.
  3. Students and communities are powerful.

At the heart of the Partnership’s change strategy is the belief that connecting and aligning efforts among funders and allied groups already pursuing a forward-looking vision can energize a movement that not only furthers these individual efforts, but collectively brings to life this new, broad vision of public education for the nation’s children.