Initiative for Healthcare in Rural India

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About Us

Since 2004, iHealcare has been contributing small initiatives towards primary rural healthcare in India.

We conduct applied research, education, training and development programs based on self assessed needs of the focused marginalised community group in the field of primary health and wellness.

We help vulnerable and marginalised children; girls and women have better access to health education, information and resources.

We work for promotion of healthy food and nutrition, yoga and Ayurveda, hygiene and sanitation, health and environment-friendly housing, clean drinking water, prevention of environmental and ecological degradation in society.

We conduct awareness raising activities focused on communicable diseases, HIV-AIDS, drug addiction, blood and organ donation, reproductive health education, maternal and child health, population control, etc. amongst targeted groups and youth.

We also work towards connecting unreached marginalised community groups with locally available free basic primary health care services and facilities of the government and volunteer sector.