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About Us

This org is a non -profit community organisation and its main aim is to assist in the following; 1-To help the in the hiv/aids awareness in Kenya . 2-To assist hiv/aids victim to enable them stay longer through counselling moral support. 3-To do councelling in learning institutions about good morals and behavour chage to cab the increase of the hiv/aids infections among the youths.

4- To build a school for the less fortunate in the society to enharnce proper educational support. To get intouch with volunteers and sponsors to help this org meet it,s objectives. 5-To help the needy in the rural areas where poverty has acted as the major factor towards hiv/aids increase in the sub-sahara Africa.

6- To support the education of a girl child and the violations of women's rights. 7-To start selfhelp projects aimed at reducing poverty and to help the poor. 8-Home to home hiv/aids awareness campgain especially in the rural areas where communication is not advanced. My appeal is to kindly request the entire public to come for the surpport of he project and brighten the future of the needy in the society. You can help us in any of the following ways. -We want volunteers to conduct fund raising activities on our behalf. -We want volunteers to be doing grant writing on our behalf online. -We will appreciate group volunteers to support us raise$2,500 for our campgain. -We request individual donors to be helping some of our projects. we can send you photoes of some of the children only if you are serious with our project and has promised to be assisting them.