Senior Housing & Retirement Enterprises (SHARE)

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833 SE Main St. #232
P.O. Box 12292
United States

About Us

SHARE seeks to create a continuing care community eventually to provide all levels of care to GLBT elders. In most cases, residents would not have to move away from the community as care needs increase. The continuing care community could include independent living (houses, apartments, and condos), assisted living, and nursing care with services available such as home health care and support services, memory care, and hospice care. All services would be sensitive to GLBT needs. We envision common areas that would include a community activity center, dining, exercise facilities, covered pool, spa, and landscaped green space with gardens.

SHARE is committed to building a supportive, interdependent, diverse community where GLBT elders are welcomed. Residents would be mostly GLBT5 in mid-life and older, with the community open to anyone supportive of the GLBT community and SHARE principles. The community will be non¬discriminatory, diverse, and would focus on serving elder GLBT’s.

SHARE would prefer to buy bare land and build a retirement community. The Board is open to buying land with some existing buildings where there would be enough room to expand in the future. Additionally, SHARE may acquire an existing apartment or condo complex to provide housing in advance of building the continuing care retirement community.