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About Us

International Academic Alliance is an international education company which collaborates with educational institutions to provide quality, high-demand academic programs to students in the USA and abroad.

IAA begins by analyzing the educational needs of students. We focus on factors such as the student’s English language proficiency, cultural differences, financial circumstances, intensity of program courses, and scheduling. Next, we collaborate with colleges and universities to formulate unique study pathways to address these needs. In developing our study plans, we mediate between institutions in the United States and abroad to provide advisement on differences in educational systems and to develop optimal modes of international program delivery. Third, we work with academic institutions to implement these programs, whether at the university’s main campus, at one of IAA’s educational centers, or at an IAA host-partner institution in China, India, or Singapore. Finally, we ensure students’ successful curriculum completion through offering antecedent programs to fulfill pre-requisites and develop necessary core competencies for academic success.