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About Us

ActionAid USA is the US affiliate of ActionAid International (AAI). ActionAid International’s mission is to work in partnership with poor and excluded people who are fighting for a world without poverty, a world in which their voices are heard and have an impact on the policies of government and major private institutions.

ActionAid works directly with people living in poverty to help them change their own lives. ActionAid believes in people's right to food, water, shelter and education. But we also know that helping people understand, fight for and secure these rights is the most effective way to end poverty - for good. In the US, ActionAid educates policy makers about issues that impact global poverty. Around the world, ActionAid works in local communities to tackle the issues that allow poverty and injustice to persist - problems like gender inequality, corruption and poor governance. At ActionAid, we work side by side with inspiring people who are fighting their way out of poverty, helping them find their own solutions and their own voice.

AAUSA was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in October 2000. Located in Washington, DC, AAUSA works to create change with and on behalf of poor and excluded people worldwide. AAUSA advocates for public policies that promote poverty reduction, increase access to food, advance women’s rights, promote sustainable agriculture, foster climate change adaptation, and encourage more effective development financing. It builds solidarity with communities, organizations, and development networks worldwide, bringing the voices of the poor into public debate and acting as a bridge between American citizens and those fighting poverty around the world.

ActionAid USA is part of a global federation founded in 1972. ActionAid International ( manages projects in 45 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. As an international organization with capacity and presence in both the global north and south, AAI supports thousands of communities, partners and peoples’ movements in lower income countries with participatory capacity-development, solidarity, campaigns and emergency responses. AAI makes people-to-people links across the world with those who share the vision of a poverty-free planet. AAI does not impose solutions, but works with communities over many years to strengthen their own efforts to eliminate poverty.