Asociación por mi Projimo

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About Us

AMIPRO (Asociación Acción Por Mi Prójimo) is a registered 501(c) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras devoted to supporting the positive development of children and youth. It is affiliated and supported by a local church (MAAM) with a membership of 3,000 people and has a history working with at risk youth, victims of violence, and reinsertion programs in Honduras.

AMIPRO is currently host to the project PROJOVEM (Proyecto Jovenes Emprendedoras) developed with funds from a grant and technical support from the World Bank Group. PROJOVEM supports the empowerment of at risk women through the provision of technical and life skills, entrepreneurial training and developing gender awareness in the community. The project's next goal is to fully develop their blog and start a small microenterprise for the project participants.