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About Us


Shining Light Ministries is committed to providing college students with unique and impressionable experiences that will expand their view of the world, themselves, and God while making a significant difference in the lives of people in some of the most hopeless situations in America.


  1. Assemble focused teams of 45 college students with leadership skills and common values (see Desired Qualities of Students)
  2. Use experienced staff and exceptional guest speakers to equip students in areas of technical and artistic production, spiritual preparation, and awareness of life “on the streets” and “inside the walls”
  3. Partner with the nation’s most effective correctional facilities and rehab centers which offer on-going Christian programs and staff who are committed to life change
  4. Combine individual skills and interests to produce a creative and effective presentation of the hope found in Jesus, and offer it to audiences in targeted facilities
  5. Engage the audience in a guided post-presentation discussion, where walls of “us” and “them” are broken down and the presence of God is experienced in new, powerful ways
  6. Offer intentional opportunities for recreation to provide rest and alternate experiences of God’s activity in the world

Desired Qualities of Students:

  1. Motivation to make a difference, now and in the future
  2. Active desire for personal growth
  3. Willingness to put the team and others before self
  4. Pursuit of a genuine relationship with Christ
  5. Self-discipline and demonstrated leadership ability
  6. Ability to contribute with skills, interests, or life experiences