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About Us

The Association of People with Disability (APD) has worked for the last 52 years on the comprehensive rehabilitation of economically marginalized people with disabilities.Through grass roots urban and rural community programmes that include therapeutic services, mobility aids, integrated education and livelihood training; APD has been able to transform the lives of over 23000 people with different kinds of disability. With an estimated 70 million people with disability in India, APD is among those organizations that are the forefront of the urgent, nationwide movement to overcome this growing challenge to support, rehabilitate and include people with disability into mainstream economy and society.

We run various programmes which fall under following categories:

  • Education

We offer schooling to 245 children with disability from nursery to Class 7 within our campus. Additionally we educate 1678 children in urban and rural community subsequently we ensure their inclusion to mainstream school.

  • Training, employment and livelihood

We offer training and placement for 1756 young people with disability in Information Technology, Industrial Training and Industrial Sewing Skills every year.

  • Therapeutic services

Through our physiotherapy, spinal cord and orthotic units we help over 6445 disabled people adjust to their new situation and provide them with mobility aids to get the most out of life. We also train people every year on giving various types of therapy.

  • Networking and advocacy

We organize self-help groups to empower people with disability to access resource. We also promote the cause of disability at local, regional and national levels

  • Community Work

We reach out to the both urban and rural communities through various programmes. We address education, therapy, training, mental health and provide mobility aids.

  • Horticulture Units

We have two horticulture units at Jeevan Bhima Nagar and Kyalasanahalli having the capacity to train 100 disabled youths in gardening and landscaping. We conduct a 10 months rigorous residential course and after completion placement is arranged.