E.D.E.N. (Environment for Devine Evolution with Nature)

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About Us

E.D.E.N. - Environment for Divine Evolution with Nature

The EDEN tribe is an intentional community committed to raising the vibration across the globe.
Working with the intention for the highest good for all, we are creating together a heart-centered Permaculture and Health Community.

There is nothing we human beings like more, than to contribute to one-others well-being.

E.D.E.N. is a place to express, meet, honor and celebrate the needs of all.

Are you interested in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual clearing, personal restoration, natural healing, co-learning and universal growth, maybe call it personal evolution?

---> become a part of the EDEN tribe through our STUDY - WORK RETREAT

For more information and or a visit please email:  theEDENtribe@gmail.com

The EDEN tribe is a healing community living in Permaculture inspired gardens and tropical fruit orchards offering a natural setting for healing, cleansing, and learning.

We are located on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Our farm is surrounded by rugged mountains of virgin old growth forest that rise above the lonely coconut fringed beaches below. Several crystalline creeks and rivers carve through the mountains creating an abundance of mystical waterfalls, translucent swimming pools, and healing water springs. Diverse species of native plants and wildlife abound. Tropical birds are especially abundant. Biting insects are fortunately nearly non-existent.
We are a not-for-profit organization promoting sustainable solutions, a simple symbiotic life style, natural health and healing. We have no commercial production, no sale or income other than donations.

For more information and or a visit please email:  theEDENtribe@gmail.com

May that your heart illuminates your path.
With love and gratitude