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About Us

COPRODELI USA is a non-profit organization (NGO) that aids Peruvian families by providing for fundamental needs, promoting education and job training, and developing strong self-sustaining community programs. The efforts of the organization are focused on supporting, through annual financial and volunteer assistance, the grassroots development work carried out by the NGO, COPRODELI Peru.

The mission of COPRODELI Peru is to contribute to the total development of, and protect the right to, a dignified life for the poorest populations in Peru.

COPRODELI operates on its belief that the cornerstones to the survival and overall development of Callao's children are an emphasis on community, basic needs, personal development and personal freedom within a spiritual context. COPRODELI takes its name from its core values:

• Community: promoting the importance of community by building mutual support and respect; striving for total participation of the community toward its own well-being. • Promotion: executing diverse programs promoting personal development and aimed at satisfying basic human needs. • Development: focusing on comprehensive development with an emphasis on those most vulnerable. • Liberation: striving toward true freedom within a spiritual context.

To this end the organization promotes vast Social Assistance Programs attending to more than 110,000 people annually, through large campaigns that collect food, clothing, and books, and redistributes them to the medical centers, food pantries and libraries. Through co-funding from Spanish NGOs, Multilateral Organizations, the European Union and private funds from the United States, In the 17 years since its creation, COPRODELI has aided families in extreme poverty, having obtained impressive results and achievement in the various programs that it promotes: Education, Preventive Health and Humanitarian Aid, High Risk Children, MundoBus, Employment Generation and Habitat.