Books Through Bars--NYC

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123 Columbia Street
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About Us

Two times per week, Books Through Bars volunteers meet at our space in Brooklyn to match requests prisoners have sent us in the mail to the books on our shelves. We mail book packages to individuals rather than prison libraries. Our book collection is donated by members of the community. Because we manage to get by in donated space, with donated books, donated packing materials, and volunteer labor, our only expense is postage money. We hold regular fundraisers to meet this expense.

We are a group of activists, librarians & archivists, editors, students, office workers, teachers, authors and other book lovers, and we welcome you to come to a packing session whenever you can make it, for however long you like. Travellers passing through town are more than welcome too. Packing sessions are Mondays 7:30-9:30 pm and Sundays 5-8 pm.