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About Us


CoAc­tive Con­nec­tions pro­motes the aware­ness of the real­i­ties of poverty through edu­ca­tion and com­mu­nity advocacy.


No one will be treated dif­fer­ently because of their economic status.


Edu­cate -Poverty Aware­ness Training

We facil­i­tate Poverty Aware­ness Train­ing for orga­ni­za­tional staff and vol­un­teers. The train­ing gives par­tic­i­pants tools and strate­gies so they can cre­ate bet­ter ser­vices and poli­cies affect­ing peo­ple expe­ri­enc­ing poverty. As a result, par­tic­i­pants can more effec­tively address poverty in their pro­fes­sional and per­sonal lives. Poverty Aware­ness Train­ing is catered to the indi­vid­ual needs of orga­ni­za­tions, and we can offer Con­tin­u­ing Edu­ca­tion Units for our train­ing. We facil­i­tate using an inter­ac­tive approach, and inte­grate authen­tic sto­ry­telling from both train­ers and peo­ple expe­ri­enc­ing poverty (gath­ered from focus groups and inter­views).

Edu­cate - Com­mu­nity Action Poverty Simulation

The Com­mu­nity Action Poverty Sim­u­la­tion is for orga­ni­za­tions who want a hands-on expe­ri­ence to under­stand­ing the real­i­ties of poverty. During the sim­u­la­tion, par­tic­i­pants play the role of an indi­vid­ual expe­ri­enc­ing poverty. They nav­i­gate the poverty expe­ri­ence with other par­tic­i­pants as fam­ily mem­bers, using what­ever resources they have to pay their rent and util­i­ties, eat, work, go to school, and seek com­mu­nity resources.

Advo­cate -Poverty Aware­ness Campaign

We work to engage the com­mu­nity in look­ing at poverty in a new way, bring­ing the indi­vid­ual expe­ri­ence to pro­mote bet­ter under­stand­ing of the poverty expe­ri­ence. We do this by giv­ing voice to peo­ple through focus groups and inter­views, and using mul­ti­me­dia and social net­work­ing to edu­cate the com­mu­nity and reduce the stigma sur­round­ing poverty.