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About Us

SARTHI is a Govt registered Non Government organisation established as a need-based organisation in 2001. A group of concerned social activists and professional joined handtogether as a "Committment to bring positive changes in the lives of children" and founded SARTHI in Patna after visiting various government-run institutions in few locations in Bihar (The state capital and one of the poorest region). 

"Since 2001 SARTHI has worked with the vast population of children who have been incarcerated in various government centres for non-criminal minors in the Indian state of Bihar. Orphans, abandoned children, street children and children from broken families are routinely warehoused in these facilities where they are often kept indefinitely until they are 18 years old. At these centres they often receive no education, and - if they are younger and more vulnerable - are at the mercy of older, more hardened street children who may either bully them or corrupt them and lead them towards criminal activities. Years later they are released back onto the streets as young adults with no preparation for their future.

SARTHI works on several tracks with these vulnerable children. We work to rehabilitate them while they are still in the government centres, and also seek to facilitate their return back to their families when and where conditions allow it. In Patna, Bihar's main city, we have also taken a number of these children out of government centres and placed them in private homes where they can receive one-on-one care and attention, and go to proper schools. In the future we hope to establish another home where more of these children can be placed in a safe environment to grow and hope for a better future. Every child has the right to live. Unfortunately many children in India do not even have this basic right. Every day over 2000 new children succumb to be on street because of various family reasons. We can help them providing a safer environment where they can live their life with full of opportunity to grow and learn in a most safer environment.

While you would be having number of jobs on your list today, there is one job that would make your day and your life even more meaningful.

Join SARTHI in its efforts to provide long-term sustainable initiatives for children that help them through all the stages of their life, right from the time they land up to the streets. We rely solely on contributions from donors like you. So Imagine how crucial your role is in helping us take even a step forward.

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