Maharshi Sambamurty Institute of Social and Development Studies (Regd)

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8-22-11, Datlavari Street
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About Us

Maharshi Sambamurty Institute of Social and Deve lopment Studies (Regd) works with the ultimate objective of bringing about a 'sustainable impro vement in the quality of life' of the poorest of the ulrban/rural poor - particularly the women folk - in their Project Areas ( in East Godavari Distirct of the State of Andhra Pradesh in South India)through their educational, economic and social empowerment. The strategy evolved by the Organisation for its work is made to consist of 4 specific characteristics viz:area-specificity time-specificity, cost-effectiveness and result- orientedness. The methodology being adopted is totally 'transperant and participatory'. While endeavouring to achieve its objectives, the Organisation is playing the role of a catalyst or 'fecilitator' for building-up of 'self-support -ing and sustainable capacities' of the rural/ urban poor for wriggling themselves out of the self-perpetuating viscious circle of 'illiteracy, over-population and poverty'.