Occupy Our Homes Atlanta

  • GA


PO Box 877
United States

About Us


We are a grassroots, member-led organization that seeks to build power in Metro Atlanta neighborhoods highly impacted by the housing crisis. By mobilizing communities around foreclosure, eviction, tenant rights, and public land rights — with an emphasis on leadership development and fostering a culture of resistance through non-violent direct action — we strive to transform our city’s approach to housing. We believe that housing is a human right regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, economic background, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identification, or immigration status.


Occupy Our Homes Atlanta plans to build a mass movement in Metro Atlanta around the housing crisis by:

  1. Organizing impacted communities around the issues they identify as affecting them the most;
  2. Developing leadership in these communities and fostering a culture of resistance, through nonviolent direct action, to public and private institutions that continue to disrespect basic human rights;
  3. Inciting a cultural shift in the way we think, see, and ultimately, tolerate the hardships bred by foreclosure, eviction, and homelessness;
  4. Provoking a system change in the way our city approaches housing;
  5. Building communities through direct democracy, that place human need above corporate greed;
  6. Striving toward a system where people have more control over the communities they call home.