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About Us

Lambda Foundation raises funds for scholarships and other awards. We help Canada recognize individuals or groups whose achievements build bridges of understanding of Gays and Lesbians with other equality seeking groups, and Canadian Society at large. We are a federally incorporated, non-profit.

The goal of the fund is to establish annual scholarships in gay and lesbian studies at over 20 Canadian universities and colleges. The Lambda Foundation, a 10 year-old institution, raises funds under specific agreements with each of the 20 universities and colleges.

Scholarships have been awarded since 1996. The first agreement was signed with the University of Ottawa. Based that success, and on public support for the work of the Foundation, the scholarship fund was expanded to Carleton University, commencing in 1999. In 2001, through the bequest of Christian Landry, new scholarships were funded at Universities of Manitoba and New Brunswick. The generous initiative of Laurier Beaudoin, complemented by Don Degenova and Chuck Mustard and their many friends, has now resulted in a new scholarship agreement at Université de Montréal.