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Quezon City, Philippines
Joined in September 2004

About Us

Brief History

In response to the national governments goal in building a better citizen YMWAC has been established to support the objectives since 1989. Youth organization is now open minded and actively participating in the multi-wide development of the nation. Like the other organizations, the Young Men & Women’s Auxiliary Club provides worthwhile activities for youth and community development that produce qualified and contributing adults in nation-building.

Since then, YMWAC serves as a tool to develop young people in the community. Its mission, vision and objectives has strong commitment to extend its purposes to develop as multi-functional youth serving institution that will fulfill contributions to the government for youth and community development.

Mission and Vision

Time has come when the voice of the youth shall be heard. Its participation on EDSA revolution signifies the importance of the youth in building the nation. The role it has played in the minds of history shall remain forever in the minds of every Filipinos.

Today, as we approached the 21st century, the Young Men & Women’s Auxiliary Club (YMWAC) was born to response the urgent call for an active youth participation whose mission is to help the government alleviate the juvenile problems confronting the nation, within the context of it’s five point program namely; sports development, good health, basic education, livelihood and personal development and advancement for every member.

As the Filipinos showed the world how great people they were, the organization aims to instill in the hearts of every young people the love of country, perpetuation of our cultural heritage and the positive traits and values only this race possesses.

In the dawning of the future, the organization sees an active youth, with sense of decency, god fearing determined, equally talented and globally competitive gearing toward with the proper motivation and in them shall come future leaders that will shape the backbone of the future.


The escalation of misdemeanor leading to capital offenses committed by the young people could be attributed to bad elements such as drug addiction, pornography, illiteracy and unemployment.

While the government undertakes measure to resolve the issues, the organization sees that the best tool for the youth to divert their attention is through recreational, livelihood and other worthwhile activities because they just don’t curb the problems but they bring the young people closer together, while instilling in them the values of discipline, unity and sportsmanship molding themselves into productive and responsible citizens of the community.

Organizational Profile

Name of organization: Young Men & Women’s Auxiliary Club Address: 252 Sto. Domingo Street Holy Spirit, Quezon City E-Mail Address: Contact Number: 09162080165 Year Founded: April 1989 Nuber of Members: 3,500 Scope of Organization: National Organization Chief of Officer: Salvadoire Alexis Dizon Ramilo

Member of the Board Chairman: Ferdinand D. Ramilo members: Jerwin B. Rivera Ma. Merys Q. Batiancila Salvadoire Alexis D. Ramilo Amy Caballes Bryan de Guzman Francis Arteta

YMWAC Committees

1.Youth Management on Warrant & Appropriation Committee 2.Youth Management on Writings & Affirms Committee 3.Young Men & Women’s Affairs Council 4.Youth Management on Works & Activities Committee 5.Youth Management on Welfare & Assistance Committee

Youth Networks

Student Advisory Group 500 Individual students Inter-Club Athletic Association 5 Youth orgs. w/in Dist.II, Brgy, Holy Spirit Brgy. Payatas Brgy. Commonwealth Brgy. Batasan Hills Brgy. Bagong Silangan

Alyansa-Kabataan 150 individual members Junior Citizens 120 individual members Active Leaders EXponent In Service 1000 individual member YMWAC Youth Network 15 Youth Organizations

Centralized Action and Management Program (CAMP)

The Resolution No. 20-2003, the Board of Directors approved the YMWAC Youth Action Program 2004-2007.

“WHEREAS, the formulated YMWAC youth action program is pursuant to section (2) of RA 8044 which contains the vision for the development and empowerment of the youth and ensure their active participation in the national and local affairs.”

“WHEREAS, efficient and effective implementation of the programs, projects and activities embodied in the YMWAC Youth Action Program 2004-2007, aims to develop the young people to move toward a quality community.”

“WHEREAS, YMWAC Youth Action Program shall act as guiding instrument for community development thru active participation and administration of its members with the collaborative effort from the national and local government units.”

xxxxx BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, by the officers of the Young Men & Women’s Auxiliary Club Formerly Young Men & Women’s Athletic Club, to adopt as it hereby adopt the following youth action programs. xxxxx

1.0 Establish a consultative mechanism, which shall provide forum for continuing dialog between local government and the organizations for its support on programs and projects affecting the youth of the community. 2.0 Encourage community-based services and programs to lessen the escalation of juvenile delinquency. 3.0 Avail the government employment services from Department of Employment, national and local government. 4.0 Encourage youth leaders and their organizations to undergo youth development trainings from the national and local government units on the following training components; 4.1 Youth and Student Management Program 4.2 Leadership Training and Seminar 4.3 Organizational Management Training 4.4 Environmental Protection 4.5 Anti-Drug Abuse Training and Seminar 4.6 Sports Development Program 4.7 Entrepreneurship Training and Seminar 4.8 Basic Education on Information Technology 4.9 Sports Component Program 4.10 Comprehensive Educational program 4.11 Livelihood Facilitations 4.12 Health Services 4.13 Social Service Commitment 4.14 Youth Initiatives Program 5.0 Solicit the assistance and support of the National Youth Commission (NYC), Department of Environment and natural Resources (DENR), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Philippine Sport Commission (PSC), Department of Interior and Local Government and the local government units, in the implementation of the youth action program: 2004-2007.

xxxxx RESOLVED FURTHER, to solicit the support of the agencies of the government of the Republic of the Philippines and its political subdivisions in the effective implementation of YMWAC Youth Action Program:2004-2007.xxxxx

Adopted, 16 November 2003 at Quezon City, MM, Philippines

Notarized under Doc. No. 120, Page No. 24, Book No. 51, Series of 2003 by Atty. Godofredo T. Liban

Composition of programs, projects and activities for 2005

A. Preservation and protection of environment and promotion of sustainable dvelopment.

1. Extensive Youth Environment Program 1.1 Trainer training on Environmental leadership 1.2 Weekend Enviro Youth Services 1.2.1 Tree Planting 1.2.2 Clean Up drive 1.3 Environment Youth Extreme Camp 1.4 Earthday Youth Extravaganza 1.4.1 Eco-Center Tours 1.4.2 Fair and Exhibit 1.5 June Environmental Activities 1.5.1 On the Spot poster making Contest 1.5.2 Mural painting program 1.5.3 Simultaneous Barangay Clean up

2. Comprehensive Actions and management Program 2.1 Community-based Zero Waste Management Training and Seminar 2.2 EYE Stewards - Deputation 2.3 Youth Environment Summit 2.3.1 Quarterly Session 2.3.2 Pre - Summit 2.3.3 Summit Proper

B.Social Services Program 1. Handog Aguinal program - a gift giving and extravaganze activities every 12th monthof the year. 2. Bigay Gamit sa batanga Guguhit - a school materials for the poor but deserving young people of the community 3. Mass feeding 4. Jobs Fair facilitations 5. Santacruzan - a activity for the feast of st. cruz with the following activities: 9days Novena, Street Mass, Parade of Beauties, Coronation Night. 6. Scholarship Facilitation Program - a project providing educational grant for the underpriviledge young people of the community.

C. Youth Initiatives Development Program 1. Local Youth Congress 2. Youth Entrepreneurship Training and Seminar 3. Youth Ambassadors - a local cultural exchange program 4. Gawad Kabataang Barangay - fitting honors and recognition for the young people and youth organizations 5. Student talent olympics 6. Acting Workshop Facilitations 7. Leadership Training and Seminar 8. Organizational Managment training and Seminar

C. Health Initiatives program 1. Medical and Dental Missions facilitations 2. Reproductive health Orientations 3. Fogging and Fumigations

D. Educational Program 1. Adopt a School Program - On the Job Training facilitation of the organization adopting daycare centers/ preparatory schools for basic education program. 2.Scholarship facilitations 3. Non-Formal Computer Education 4. Math Tutorial 5. Young Educators - reviewing out of school youth for the governments program non-formal education & accelaration Test. 6. YMWAC Academe a propose educational institution by the organization for the poor on basic education with 3steps preparations: (1) preparatory (2) Kinder and (3) Elementary

E. Sports Development Program 1. Sports Component program 2. Sports Clinics facilitations


As an instrument in youth development and initiating worthwhile activities, YMWAC sees a posible solutions to help the government and other concerned organizations and agencies in uplifting the standard of the young people, as we taking challenges in our commmunity. we invites every one to extend generous support to completely attain the mission, vision and objectives of the organization.

A finacial support from you will carry out our goals thru the conceptualized Youth Action Programs in every community.

In consideration for your support we shall greatfully acknowledge you and your company in all publicity materials and including in our tri-media publicities.

Looking forward to your positive response and we thank you very much for a favor which we are about to received.

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Brief History

In response to the national governments goal in building a better citizen YMWAC has been established to support the objectives since 1989. Youth organization is now open minded and actively participating in the multi-wide…

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  • 252 Sto. Domingo Street
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