Education in Action Cambodia (EAC)

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About Us

Education in Action Cambodia (EAC) is a local non-profit organization.

A lot of Cambodian children drop out school because of poor grades and results. This is due to the fact that their families are living in poor conditions and have very low education level. They are prey of street dangers.

In order to prevent these issues, EAC designed a special CEP project to support both non educated and with a small background children. This program includes all sort of children from orphans to immigrant children. We provides courses in Khmer literature, Mathematics and English language. We do our best  to give a chance to these children. We also play the role of negotiator in the poor community when a violent cases happens.​

EAC works hard everyday  to ensure a successful futur to its children and at least to give them education's bases. We keep a close relationship with the public school teachers and directors in order to follow up on the children' progress. 

Members of EAC are also involved in building up new connections with relevant NGO's for further services and support. Moreover we have an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Youth (MoEY) to share our  knowledge and to make sure we have a good collaboration on all levels.

Nowadays, we are looking for the foreign volunteers as ENGLISH TEACHERS in both long/short-time for our poor kids. More information, please feel to visit our website: . Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by  or Skype: Sokhan.Yung  Tel: +855 (0) 16/12 88 4003. PLEASE HELP US KEEP OUR PROJECTS RUNNING !!!