MovementForward, Inc./One Congregation One Precinct initiative

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About Us

MovementForward, Inc. (MFI), is an inclusive, intergenerational and multiracial social change organization working to address some of the most challenging societal issues of the 21st century through coalition-building, creativity, innovation and a commitment to actionable solutions.


Founded in 2015 by emerging faith leaders in Atlanta, Georgia, MFI provides this generation of Americans a conciliatory voice to offer solution-focused programs, forums for education and empowerment, issue advocacy, targeted public policy campaigns and other specialized initiatives to protect, advance and promote civil and human rights.


Our goal is racial reconciliation, economic equity, educational parity, political and cultural development, and one standard of justice that transcends the particularities of race, class, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

The “One Congregation One Precinct” (1C1P) initiative, MFI’s signature program, facilitates positive, ongoing partnerships between local law enforcement agencies and diverse congregations of every faith tradition. This includes organizing various crime and violence prevention/solving efforts, hosting public safety briefings, providing cultural and sensitivity trainings, conducting officer appreciation events, holding community safety workshops, and hosting forums focused on bettering the relationship between cops and citizens.