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About Us

By way of coordinating programs and supervising projects tailored to nurture hopes, dreams, intelligence and skills of all people all across the globe, we engage our volunteers and interns in amateur and professional work activities, interaction, education. We organise for our volunteers and interns tourism of all ten Regions of Ghana.

We seek to prove why the divine goal of the existence of humanity calls for retribution to Soul through the functions of broad knowledge, truth, creativity, passionate work, unifying service, productive living, empowerment and perseverance of one another

Officially registered in August, 2010, by the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana with the number G-33,395, under Ghana Company’s Code (179), 1963, the main objectives of the organization are as follows:

To assist deprived communities To increase access to health and education To assist the less privileged To increase access to information technology To aid in eradication of poverty To empower women To empower the youth