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About Us

GP RED was created to fully recognize and expand research, education, and resource development activities for community “quality of life” agencies. The work of GP RED supports and provides opportunities for health, recreation and land management agencies, along with the associations and universities that support them, working collaboratively and proactively to identify and fill gaps in the profession.

Current Initiatives:

USFS Children’s Forest Corridor Project: a collaborative effort with the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Division that will link parks and nature centers to create a cohesive network of outdoor spaces along the South Platte River, near downtown Denver. A website for resource sharing will also be developed.

Safe Routes to Play: a child-centered active transportation initiative helping communities develop active transportation access to parks, recreation facilities and natural areas for children and families.

Healthy Communities Research Group/Surveillance & Management Toolkit: a team of national experts working with universities and local parks and recreation departments have developed an assessment tool to enhance parks and recreation agency effectiveness, influence active living behaviors in 10-14 year olds, and position agencies as public health providers.

RedLine Survey: a trends oriented e-survey of practitioners around the country on hot topics such as management strategies, facility use and design, succession planning, user fees, measuring park carrying capacity.