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About Us

There is broad agreement that international service is meeting a fraction of its potential. The current, highly-fragmented approach to recruiting, preparing, and managing global volunteers results in missed opportunities, overlaps and oversights.

The Center for Global Service is our response to these shortcomings. CGS is dedicated to improving volunteer experiences abroad and upon return and to maximizing the positive impact service can have in indigenous communities. Our initiative at the Center for Global Service represents a "disruptive social innovation," that uses techniques now possible with the advent of the digital age to build capacity and connectivity and accelerate collaboration across the spectrum of global service. Using new tools and resources, we aim to align the efforts of volunteers with civil society, business, government and the leadership of indigenous communities so participants will work toward collective objectives. Our approach will invite "early adopter" organizations initially in the health sector. Though still in its initial stages of development, CGS is quickly developing to be a leader in the global service world