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About Us

The Academy for Educational Development (AED) is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to addressing human development needs in the United States and throughout the world. As one of the world's foremost human and social development organizations, AED works in five major program areas: U.S. Education and Workforce Development; Global Learning; Global Health, Population and Nutrition; Leadership and Institutional Development; and Social Change. At the heart of all our programs is an emphasis on building skills and knowledge to improve people's lives. The AED Center for School and Community Services is part of AED’s U.S. Education and Workforce Development Group. The Center uses multidisciplinary approaches to address critical issues in education, health, and youth development. To achieve its goals, the center provides technical assistance to strengthen schools, school districts, and community-based organizations. It conducts evaluations of school and community programs while striving to provide the skills and impetus for practitioners to undertake ongoing assessment and improvement. The Center also manages large-scale initiatives to strengthen practitioner networks and accelerate systems change. Lastly, the Center uses the knowledge gained from its work to advocate for effective policies and practices and disseminate information through publications, presentations, and on the World Wide Web. In the past 29 years, the Center has undertaken over 135 evaluation, technical assistance, and dissemination projects in 90 cities and 40 states.