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About Us


We are the creators of KDIF 102.9 LPFM – a media outlet that is hyper-local, bilingual, multicultural and grounded in the expressed needs, desires, and knowledge of our community. We use radio to engage new and unheard voices from Central City South and South Phoenix. These voices are residents, artists, and organizers who come from the neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations that shape our communities. We offer education and radio training, workforce development, event production, and serve as a community platform. We are financially sustainable through members, grants, underwriting, and event revenue.


Media should be accessible. Radio is already the most accessible media around the world. We want to push the boundaries of this accessibility to invite listeners to be a part of shaping the radio station and creating the broadcast content. 

Media should actively engage audiences. We understand that accessibility is not enough. KDIF has an obligation to actively seek the input, knowledge, and desires of our listeners and empower them to become creators of this local media outlet.

Media should challenge the status quo. Because radio has such a large reach, it can be a tool for expanding our understanding of the world around us. By prioritizing voices that are not often heard on air, we can offer moments of discovery, sharing experiences, stories, and knowledge that promote health, social, and economic justice. 

Integration: We value the integrative process that happens when people from different perspectives and backgrounds come together to build something new. The integrative process is dynamic, circular, and co-creative. It builds a functional unity that invites change as new people and new knowledge are integrated into the whole.

The Value of Lived Experience: We deeply value the lived experience of each individual, and believe that those who are most directly impacted by a decision, policy, or development need to be at the center of that decision-making. While we value the knowledge and strengths of field experts, we believe these experts should be on-tap, and not on top.

Moments of Community: Instead of imagining community as a stagnant or fixed idea that centers on identity categories, we see community as a moment that is produced when people come together to build through difference. Community is something that is generated through the merging and sharing of experiences, feelings, and understanding. This image of community charges us with the responsibility to continuously create and maintain it.

KDIF is an Unincorporated Association and is a sponsored project of the Technical Assistance Partnership of Arizona (TAPAZ).